Books regarding HBS: 65 Successful HBS Application Essays, Ahead of the Curve 기억에 남은 책

미국유학의 가능성을 고려해 보면서 두 권의 MBA관련 서적을 읽었다. 책을 읽고 크게 고무되지는 않았지만, 큰 도움이 되었다. 나는 과연 내 인생을 걸고 승부를 할 준비가 되어있는가. 

<Review in English>

My first task during summer vacation this year was to read two books regarding Harvard Business School (“HBS”). The books are ’65 successful Harvard Business School Application Essays (published in 2009)’ by The Harbus (the Harvard Business School Newspaper), and ‘Ahead of Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School (published in 2008)’ written by Philip Delves Broughton.

The reason that I chose these books is very simple. Recently, I am seeking an opportunity to move to the United States, and it seems to me that business school is one of the feasible options that I can challenge, considering my background and experience. I read these books with great concentration, hoping that I can find some hints and useful tips to prepare an application package for top MBA courses.

After reading these two books, however, I felt somewhat discouraged. The essays that I read in ’65 successful HBS Application Essays’ were beautiful and powerful. I am not sure whether I can compose such a beautiful story with my life. I do have some interesting stories and experience of brave challenges, but for now, those are all too complex or maybe a little bit emotionally exaggerated stories. I thought I have to work hard if I want to write a decent MBA style application - maybe my life is a somewhat not so stylish one even though I have lived my life hard. ‘Ahead of the Curve’ was more discouraging; it clearly shows that an MBA course never means a master key to success in the mainstream in United States anymore. It still shows terrific potential of studying in the top school in the U.S.: the people in the book, HBS students in the class of 2006, were talking about the potential of 3D printing ten years ago! However, I discovered some latent risks for older students whose first language is not English as well. The culture does not seem so international, but seems to have a more fraternity like culture led by young U.S. educated students, as the author pointed out several times in the book. I need to check more updated information since the book basically describes things a decade ago. 

Also, I started asking myself what I really want to achieve with my life seriously. I again asked myself whether I am really determined to challenge the new world by risking my whole life and career. The sad thing is that I cannot say with full rosy hope and confidence that I can take the risk with my life. Courage and clear vision are required at this point. 

Reading books usually helps me make the right decision.  However, this time, it made me think a lot and gave me anxiety instead. Those two books I read this time are not classics or profound books, but very practical and easy-to-read essays. However, the impact that I received was not small, which was much unexpected. I’ll keep reading and challenging anyway. As Nassim Nicholas wrote, ‘to get more success, you have to be willing to risk more failures.’


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